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Design and Branding

Design and Branding

The Benefits Of Custom Design When Branding Your Business

Entrepreneurs, whether they have been in business for several years or are just opening a new venture, need to establish a brand to set their business apart. This involves determining the vision for the business and bringing it to life. When this has been accomplished, connecting with the target audience becomes easier to build the business.

What Might This Involve?

Once the vision has been established, it’s time to determine what services are needed. Websites have become crucial in today’s competitive environment but what is found on the site is just as important. This may include a brand positioning statement, articles related to the niche, the story of the business, and more. Obviously, the website needs to be responsive to the needs of the visitor for the best results, and we can be of help with this. A website that is lacking in this area can do great harm to the business so this needs to be a priority. Other tasks that may need to be carried out at this time include logo design, an email marketing plan and branded template, as well as options on the website for visitors who wish to sign up for an email, a newsletter, or another form of communication. Social media thumbnails may also be included as well as digital sales tools. It’s all a matter of what will be of most benefit to the client.

The First Impression

A customer’s brand is the first impression a consumer may have of an organization. Make certain the right response is evoked. When it is, the right actions and reactions are cultivated. This establishes the foundation for future interactions thus it needs to be a positive one.

Creating The Brand Identity

The first step in creating a brand identity is to research what competitors are currently using to distinguish themselves. Look to see common traits that may be of benefit when creating your brand identity. This may be colors, design elements, or something else completely. For example, pastel colors are commonly used in the cosmetics industry. On the other hand, coffee manufacturers tend to rely on graphics as opposed to photos when marketing their materials. We help you determine what elements should be included in your brand for the best results. Determine the unique selling point for your company. Why should a consumer choose you over the many other options available? The characteristic that makes your organization unique should be emphasized in all marketing materials, from the logo and website design to the print materials shared with consumers.

The Logo

The logo serves as a visual representation of a brand and provides a faceless entity with an identity. Never discount the importance of the design or consider a well-thought-out logo as an extra that truly isn’t needed. Simply look to Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, or numerous other companies. The logo identifies the brand the world over and may be used to expand marketing efforts. Have you ever seen someone wearing a Coke shirt? This is advertising for the company that helps to spread the brand and yet the wearer probably put it on simply because he or she likes the design and the company. Consumers see a well-known logo and automatically bring the company behind the design to mind. For this reason, the design can never be amateur or generic. When it is, the consumer may be given the wrong impression regarding the values of the company, its products, and more. This is one area where businesses cannot afford to cut corners for that reason alone. The font can help to distinguish a formal business from one with more casual offerings, simply based on which style is selected. Colors found in the logo can bring about an emotional response. For instance, blue shades tend to calm people and orange ones allow them to feel optimistic. Metallic tones suggest luxurious offerings and may encourage people to learn more. All elements need to come together to create a symbol that truly represents the business and what it offers. We help clients achieve this goal every day. Contact us and we will do the same for you. This logo can then be used across all marketing materials to provide a consistent look that easily gets recognized for the right reasons.

The Website

Another way to brand a business is through its website. When a visitor arrives on the site, they should see the logo and company name so they know they have arrived at the right place. As they move through the site, they need to have a positive user experience and one that encourages them to return again. A site that is easy to navigate and engaging content are two ways to leave the visitor with a positive brand image and there are countless others.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is an excellent way to increase website traffic in very little time. However, the advertising must be in line with other marketing materials to achieve this goal. The logo helps the consumer immediately identify which brand is presenting the marketing materials and can encourage them to visit the site. They know the site offers quality products and services and want to learn more about the new offerings.

Other Marketing Avenues

The custom design is also beneficial when creating email marketing campaigns, social marketing materials, and more. Consistency is key to getting the most from the brand, so keep this in mind when establishing your marketing strategy. We can be of help with this. Whether you need help with search engine optimization, web development, or marketing your business, our team is ready to be of assistance in any way we can. Turn to us for assistance with branding your business and helping it to stand out in the crowd. When the brand truly reflects what the business is about, clients will want to learn more. Once they do, you will have a new customer and one that tends to be loyal. Contact us today to learn more about how we can be of assistance to you. We can’t wait to see where your business goes next.

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